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Job Hunting Tips

With the number of unemployed being higher than the number of jobs available finding a job is not as simple as it once used to be. Looking for a new job can often be a tedious task but something that has to be done.

Below are some useful tips to help you with your search and keep you motivated at the same time.

Break up your job search

  • You cannot spend your entire day looking for a job. This will only cause you to feel disheartened and may end up applying for the same job more than once.
  • Decide how much time you want to dedicate to job searching a day and stick with it.
  • Create a job search plan. If after a period of time your job searching efforts have proved to be unsuccessful it could be time to re-think your job search. Perhaps your CV needs an overhaul or you need to try a different approach to your job search.

Potential employers may ask you to explain the gaps in your CV

  • Find out if you are entitled to free courses that could benefit your job search and increase your employment opportunities.
  • Take on voluntary work.
  • Take on a new hobby.

Maintaining your health is important

  • Go for walks, run. Take the kids to the park. Exercise will help relieve the frustration that comes with job searching and release all the happy chemicals in your body.
  • Stay positive during your job search.
  • Learn relaxation techniques to stave off stress.

You are not alone

  • Join social groups to discuss and motivate fellow job seekers. If there isn't one in your area then think about starting one.

Keep updated

  • Keep up to date about your profession. Read trade journals, use online search engines to read the latest developments.
  • Network with others in your profession to keep up to date with any industry changes and of possible vacancies.

Social media

  • In addition to your CV, employers are also interested in your online presence. Use social media to create and develop your personal brand. Tweet, comment, status update.
  • Blogging is becoming a popular tool to show employers a more personal side of you. Write a blog to showcase your interest and passion about a topic or many topics.

Search from a mobile device

  • If you spend a considerable amount of time away from a computer or away from home, perhaps you should consider using our mobile website to search for jobs. Our dedicated mobile website is accessible from any compatible web enabled device (